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All over the world, customers rely on our software to keep track of their fleet and plant maintenance.  Over the years, we have received many compliments on our software and the quality of support. Below are a few of our customer comments:


I have to say, Fleet Maintenance Pro really is easy to use, very flexible to modify and move the fields around. You should be proud of this system. The corporation is very happy with the purchase and by next year will roll it out to the whole company. Thanks worked as advertised.
Posted By: Brian E. Murphy
Director, Risk Management and Safety
Container Maintenance Corporation
As a small business owner of a company with about 50 employees, I cannot justify having a full time IT person. So that job falls back on me. We use several proprietary programs for the work that we do and occasionally we run into problems just like we did with your program. However, NONE of the other software vendors' tech support has come close to the level of service that you provided to us. If we have an issue with one of their programs, getting in touch with tech support is the first obstacle. Once you get in touch with them, if they speak intelligible English, they act as if they are doing you a favor to try to fix your problem. If they can't fix the problem first try, getting follow up support is almost impossible. You actually were quite easy to get in touch with and you genuinely were concerned with getting our problem fixed.

I want to commend you and your company not only for the quality of the software (which by the way is perfect for managing our small fleet) but also for your commitment to customer service. You have a permanent customer in Parker Rigging and I will definitely let other's in my industry know about your software.
Posted By: Timothy L. Parker, President
Parker Rigging Co., Inc.
Your software has been, by far, a great success in our continuing preventive maintenance program. It has demonstrated the abilities to provide our maintenance mechanics with accurate PM scheduling, history reports, cost per mile incentives and an overall performance evaluation of our equipment. With your software, we have incorporated the nationally recognized ATA VMRS codes by implementing them in your fully customizable maintenance item screen. Currently we are tracking over 200 pieces of company owned equipment that range from company vehicles to tractors and trailers, to heavy equipment (i.e. bulldozers, front end loaders, etc.) We have found that after "test-driving" numerous software applications, your program was the most adaptable and affordable for our maintenance needs. Its user-friendliness and ease of trainability have made it the program of choice for two years strong now.
Posted By: Mike Scheuerer, Maintenance Director
Stech Transportation Company, Camden, NJ
I've tried many Preventative Maintenance Programs, and by FAR this one out does them all. I have a fleet of over 40 units, and I can't imagine trying to keep them organized/maintained any other way. Fleet Maintenance Pro is the best, and I recommend it to anybody, even if you only had 5 units! Not to mention the customer service/support is out of this world.
Posted By: Andrew Fenton
EBN Grainco Ltd., Richmond, BC Canada
I wish every company I dealt with for technical support was as good as yours. Your solution worked like a charm. Thanks very much for the quick response & high quality tech support.
Posted By: Bryan Estabrooks Systems Engineer
Thank you very much for your assistance and congratulations on what appears to be a very professional and user friendly product. I spent a lot of time looking for the right one and yours is by far the best in cost-capabilities and ease of use.
Posted By: Dennis Hopper
Software: Fleet Maintenance Pro, Chile
I looked at twelve different products of this type and this is the one I've selected. None of the others had this program's maintenance record manipulation capabilities. Records can be sorted and columns rearranged. Maintenance operations can be easily added, deleted and customized. Don't buy a maintenance record keeping product until you try this one
Posted By: M. Wapelhorst, CA
Software: Auto Maintenance Pro
I want to thank you for all the help you have given us with the program. I know it was not easy. The job that you have done for us is outstanding. Please feel free to add me to you testimonials for this program, and for the support from your company.
Posted By: Terry Kerrigan
Fleet Manager for BTCMHMRC
Software: Fleet Maintenance Pro
I would be happy to recommend Fleet Maintenance Pro to anyone who is interested. I am really quite satisfied with the program.
Posted By: Kevin Koop, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center
Software: Fleet Maintenance Pro, Jamaica, NY
I am glad that I made the decision to purchase your software. I tried about 15 other programs and I found that your program was the best for our fleet. We have about 30 vehicles and have often got two or three oil changes done for one vehicle in just a month's period. And of course we had some vehicles missing maintenance as well due to everything being in paper files. Now, with the help of your program, we can be much more efficient and save money. Thanks again, you have gained a loyal customer.
Posted By: A. Pope, MD
Software: Fleet Maintenance Pro

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