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A "facility" is a fairly broad and inclusive term. Often, a facility is described as a building or a place that provides a particular service, or is used for a particular industry. In other words, a facility can be an assembly plant, a hospital, a library, a school and so on. The one thing that all facilities have in common is that someone needs to be in charge of their maintenance. It goes without saying that any facility will consist of a variety of parts which need looking after - from plumbing and heating to kitchen and gardening equipment. Facility maintenance management tends to be a very time-consuming affair - just keeping track of all the different things that need maintaining can be difficult enough.

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If this sounds familiar to you, you should know that facility maintenance software can make your life a whole lot easier.  With the help of Maintenance Pro, you can easily keep track of preventive and repair maintenance for any type of object.  This facility maintenance program enables you to track an unlimited number of objects, all of which can be organized into categories to make things as easy as possible.  You can track detailed information for each specific object - as an example, you will be able to see when the compressors in the basement had their last oil check.  You'll no longer have to rely on your memory or wade through an ocean of scribbled notes and memos!

Naturally, preventive maintenance lies at the heart of all successful facility management.  Rather than jumping in when things go wrong, you want to prevent problems from arising in the first place.  With Maintenance Pro, you'll find that this is easier than ever before.  This facility maintenance software keeps track of PM tasks by dates or units, so you can choose to track certain tasks by miles, kilometers, hours, copies, revolutions, or anything you can imagine.  Notification of any maintenance that is due will happen automatically, thanks to a system that uses color coded indicators on the main screen.  Objects that are due for service are shaded a red color, and objects which are soon due for service are shaded a yellow color.  You can instantly see which objects require attention and which do not.

This facility maintenance software also includes a variety of additional useful features, including an employee database, a vendor database, a built-in invoicing system, and a scheduled task system.  Maintenance Pro is the ideal software for anyone who's in charge of maintenance of any kind - it's also remarkably easy to use, and more affordable than many of the other products on the market.

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