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Are you in charge of the company fleet? Are you responsible for the maintenance and management of trucks, vans, tractors, trailers and more? What is the state of those vehicles right now? How are the air filters, is there enough brake fluid, are the windshield wipers still working as well as they should? And when is the next maintenance due? If you're relying on a system that consists of paper files and post-its, how can you ever really be sure what's going on?

If it is your job to ensure that each vehicle and piece of equipment receives the right kind of maintenance at the right time, you need the help of good, reliable fleet management software.Fleet Maintenance Pro is the management solution that enables you to keep track of everything you need - and save time and money in the process.

Track preventive maintenance easily!

This fleet management software makes it easy to track and organize preventive and repair maintenance on your fleet. With Fleet Maintenance Pro, you can manage an unlimited number of vehicles, and easily organize your fleet by location, department, or type. With this fleet management software you will be able to avoid many of the paper work struggles that you undoubtedly have become accustomed to. It tracks the year, make, model, mileage, vehicle identification number, purchase information, registration data, loan and lease information, as well as all the other details that are necessary to manage your fleet.

Includes a powerful Report Generator!

You can also print out detailed reports, as this fleet management software includes a powerful Report Generator that lets you specify filtering criteria to ensure that you access the exact data that you need. Additionally, this fleet management system lets you track vendors, fuel purchases, drivers, insurance data, registrations, purchasing details, and loan/lease information. Fleet Maintenance Pro Deluxe also includes a repair scheduling functionality, multiple maintenance schedule templates, part itemization, additional user-defined fields for tracking vehicle data, and user-defined maintenance categories.

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