Fleet Maintenance Pro 15.0 Deluxe Edition - New Features

Equipment Management

    Home Screen New "Home" Screen
  • A new Quick-Actions menu provides instant access to common actions, and can be accessed from anywhere in the program!
  • A newly designed “Home” screen provides a concise overview of items which need your attention, and the means to resolve those outstanding tasks.
  • Manage all of your preventive maintenance, repair, and renewal tasks in one place using the new “Manage Tasks” screen.
  • Touchscreen-friendly interface with multi-select checkboxes instead of cumbersome keyboard/mouse combinations
  • Customize data views to your specific needs by hiding or showing various columns
  • Filter equipment with the new quick-select location filter, or continue to use the location and category tree for more specific results. Filtering by location is now extended to employee and vendor management screens.
  • New “snapshot” panels for your equipment, employees, and more provide detailed record information right from the data grid view.
  • In addition to PM Schedule assignments, define preventive maintenance tasks on a "per asset" basis in order to avoid creating separate PM schedules for minor differences.
  • Configure your preventive maintenance tasks to notify you on a particular day of the week or month…weekly, monthly, on a particular calendar day, etc.
  • Improved searching and filtering capability throughout. Search with ease using a dedicated search box on all management screens. Enjoy the ease of single-click filtering with pre-defined filters for equipment, history, parts lists, and more.
  • Conveniently filter data views and reports using pre-defined date ranges on various screens and reports as well as custom date ranges.
  • Each management module contains a new “Batch Actions” button so you can perform actions on a group of selected items (e.g. create repair requests for multiple assets, etc.)
  • Record miscellaneous expenses such as fluids or car washes while recording fuel transactions
  • Track a “secondary” warranty for assets and specify additional axle tire size and spare tire assignments.
  • Enhanced Calendar to more easily view daily specifics, record renewals, and more with new popup display.

Parts Inventory

    New "Quick Actions" Menu
  • Assign parts used to general expense entries
  • Use the new “Common Parts” screen to quickly look up and assign commonly used parts on a particular asset.

Email Notifications

  • Use the new report scheduler to schedule any report to be automatically generated and e-mailed, based on your preferred filter criteria and frequency.
  • Keep on top of your employee renewals with automated email notifications when nearing expiration.  In addition, a new renewal history log is automatically generated for employee renewals.


    New "Equipment" Screen
  • Simplified user security management is now consolidated within the employee database
  • Completely re-designed “checkbox style” security module makes configuring security profiles and user permissions a cinch
  • Employee history at your fingertips including equipment assigned, renewal history, accidents, and more
  • Manage all of your employee e-mail notifications directly from the Employee Management screen
  • And many more!

Version 14 Deluxe Edition - New Features