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A flexible, reliable maintenance management system lies at the heart of every successful fleet company. If you're responsible for maintenance management, you know how difficult it can be to ensure that everything gets done. Each and every vehicle and piece of equipment needs to receive the right kind of service at the right time. This can be time-consuming enough, but how do you keep track of unexpected repairs and problems? Any system or method you use must be safe and reliable - and you want to avoid creating some sort of home-spun maintenance management system that nobody else would ever be able to use.

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If you want to keep on top of maintenance management - and save time and money in the process - Fleet Maintenance Pro is the solution you're looking for. This maintenance management software makes it easy to track and organize preventive and repair maintenance on your fleet. You can manage an unlimited number of vehicles, and organize your fleet by location, department, or type. This maintenance management system also tracks the year, make, model, mileage, vehicle identification number, purchase information, registration data, loan and lease information, and all of the other details that are necessary to manage your fleet.


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You can also print out detailed reports, as our maintenance management software includes a Report Generator which lets you specify filtering criteria to ensure that you analyze only the data that you need. Furthermore, this maintenance management system lets you track vendors, fuel purchases, drivers, insurance data, registrations, purchasing details, and loan/lease information. Fleet Maintenance Pro Deluxe also includes a repair scheduling functionality, multiple maintenance schedule templates, part itemization, additional user-defined fields for tracking vehicle data, and user-defined maintenance categories.

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