Maintenance Pro Web

Manage your maintenance from anywhere!

Keep on top of your maintenance from anywhere!

Accessible from Anywhere!

Maintenance Pro Web is a fully hosted web based program that is accessible from ANY device connected to the internet including PC’s, Macs, tablets, and smart phones!

Efficient Asset Management

Track and manage an unlimited number of equipment identified by unit number, make, model, serial number, and more. Categorize your equipment by location, type, and keywords allowing you to quickly locate your equipment.

Maintenance Notifications & Tracking

Immediate notifications of maintenance due, work orders, low inventory, and more ensure that you don’t miss a beat keeping on top of your maintenance.

Issue Work Orders

Issue Work Orders

Generate work orders for your assets containing the preventive and repair maintenance that is required and track work order progress from start to finish.

Work Order Assignments

Assign work orders to technicians in order for them to receive an immediate notification of a work order via e-mail.

Parts & Labor

Easily indicate parts and labor involvement on a per tasks basis so you can accurately track parts usage, labor hours, and/or costs. If you itemize parts, MP Web actively “learns” what parts are used on your equipment to save you data entry time.

PM Tasks, Repair Maintenance, and Expirations

PM Tasks

Schedule preventive maintenance tasks by date interval or meter (miles, kilometers, hours). MP Web will keep you informed about what is currently due and coming up next.

Repair Maintenance

Keep on top of unexpected repairs that occur on your assets by logging and tracking repair requests from start to finish. Employees can add repair requests directly from their phone or portable device.


Never get behind again on your renewals such as registrations, inspections, emissions, or any other recurring expiration. MP Web will handle those too!

Maintenance History

Maintenance History

Evaluating the maintenance history of your equipment decreases downtime and outlines future financial requirements for the equipment vital to your company. As you close work orders and record maintenance for your equipment, the detailed maintenance history will help you determine the cost effectiveness of your equipment.

User Management

Define users and designate accessibility permissions to each of your employees for location viewing, assets, work orders, inventory, and more.

Spare Parts Inventory (Premium Plan)

Spare Parts Inventory (Premium Plan)

MP Web includes a built in spare parts inventory system. As you itemize parts used on your work orders, MP Web will keep track of your spare part inventory levels and let you know when parts need to be reordered.

Purchase Orders (Premium Plan)

A comprehensive built in purchase order system interacts directly with the spare parts inventory, providing you an easy way to reorder spare parts.


Fuel Tracking

Record fuel transactions for your assets and use the fuel history to closely monitor fuel consumption and economy.


A wide range of reports and charts are provided at your fingertips so you can easily monitor the cost effectiveness of your asset maintenance. Print, email, or export from a wide range of reports ranging from simple asset listing reports to detailed cost analysis reports.