Maintenance Pro 7.0 Professional Edition - New Features

Equipment Management

    Version 7.0 New Features Video
  • New Dashboard keeps you on top of maintenance alerts, outstanding work orders, and more.
  • Expandable "tree" structure allows for easy organization, navigation, and filtering
  • Status bar provides excellent visual of current due status and specifies the next task due
  • Form parent-child relationships among equipment
  • Assign multiple units to a single work order
  • Track preventive maintenance by fuel consumption
  • Automatically schedule recurring expenses such as insurance, loan payments, or custom amounts
  • Assign units of equipment to temporary Job Sites, and track assingment history through reports

Daily Inspection

    Equipment Tree
    New "Equipment Tree"
  • Create and print daily inspection check lists
  • Record inspection results with immediate repair request

Parts Inventory

  • Identify inventory items at a glance that have substitutions, or are superseded
  • Improved inventory control interface
  • Low inventory alerts
  • Indicate inventory reorder parameters on a "per warehouse" basis
  • Automatically determine the quantity of parts required to replenish inventory

Billing, Invoices, and Purchase Orders

    Status Bar
    New "Status Bar"
  • Define independent billing rates for customers
  • Generate invoices for equipment rentals
  • Define prefixes for invoice numbers for improved identification
  • Record credits and core charges for purchase orders

Email Notifications

  • Improved control and customizations
  • Notifications generated without the need to open the program


  • Improved flexibility to open other program windows while recording work order data
  • Attach photos to repair requests
  • Enhanced calendar functionality - display work orders, fuel, and maintenance history
  • A popular request! Print your choice lists
  • And many more!

Version 6 Professional Edition - New Features