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Anyone who's responsible for a fleet of vehicles knows that preventive maintenance is a must. Not only is it safer to stay on top of issues and prevent problems before they occur, but it also makes a lot of sense economically. Regular, methodical inspections of your fleet can help you avoid costly measures in the future, and make it less likely that you will encounter any nasty surprises. The key to effective preventative maintenance is a solid system with a well-structured schedule - but this can be tricky to set up on your own. With the help of Fleet Maintenance Pro, you will find that preventive maintenance is easier than ever before.

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Fleet Maintenance Pro is a maintenance software system that helps you track preventative and repair maintenance on your vehicles and equipment. You can manage an unlimited number of vehicles, and organize your fleet by location, department, or type. This preventive maintenance software saves you a great amount of paper work, as it tracks the year, make, model, mileage, vehicle identification number, purchase information, registration data, loan and lease information, and all of the other details that are necessary to manage your fleet.

Maintenance Tracking

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With our preventative maintenance software, you can easily keep track of normal vehicle maintenance as well as repair and inspection. You can also set up and define your own maintenance cycles, based on the particular needs and circumstances of your fleet. Each vehicle can be tracked by month, mileage, kilometers, or by how many hours it's been used.

In addition to the 80 pre-defined maintenance services, ranging from checking the tire pressure to performing an engine tune-up, you can also define your own maintenance services for your vehicles and equipment.

History Recording

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Whenever any kind of maintenance is performed, this maintenance software keeps track of the date, mileage, parts, labor, service provider, costs, and comments, automatically generating a preventive and repair history.

In addition, Fleet Maintenance Pro provides a wealth of history reports that can be used to analyze your history data over time to establish the equipment’s cost effectiveness to your company.

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