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Fleet Maintenance Pro is the truck fleet management tool that can save you time and money. This trucking software can help you keep on top of all maintenance issues, making it easy to track and organize all preventive and repair maintenance information for your truck fleet. A reliable and easy-to-use maintenance system is vital for any successful trucking business, and Fleet Maintenance Pro is the software that works with you, not against you. This trucking software adapts to the rules of your company, because it is flexible enough to allow you track as much or as little information as is needed.

vital details about each of your trucks.

With our trucking software, you can track a number of vital details about each of your trucks as well as other vehicles and equipment. Automated and color-coded PM alerts show you which trucks are due for service at all times, and you can define custom maintenance services and schedules for different types of vehicles and equipment.  This trucking software also lets you track unexpected repairs or problems, and whenever maintenance is performed on a truck it can be recorded and saved to the fleet history.

Includes a powerful Report Generator!

You can also print out detailed reports, as our trucking software includes a Report Generator which lets you specify filtering criteria to ensure that you analyze only the data that you need. Furthermore, this trucking program lets you track vendors, fuel purchases, drivers, insurance data, registrations, purchasing details, and loan/lease information.  Fleet Maintenance Pro also includes a repair scheduling functionality, multiple maintenance schedule templates, part itemization, additional user-defined fields for tracking vehicle data, and user-defined maintenance categories.

Three different editions of our trucking software are available - Standard, Deluxe, and Shop. Please see the Fleet Maintenance Pro comparison chart to find out which one is right for you.