Auto Maintenance Pro 11.0 – New Features

Fully compatible with the latest operating systems; Windows 7, Vista, and XP. Now supports both 32 and 64 bit.

Enhanced vehicle manager to make it easier to view maintenance requirements for your equipment. The maintenance requirements can now be displayed directly beneath the equipment row on the main screen.

Improved equipment renewal notifications (i.e. registration, emissions, etc.) so they are now integrated into the color-coded notifications on the vehicle manager screen.

New popup window that informs you of the most recent notifications since you last ran the application.

Vehicle image now displayed in the vehicle manager listing. (view screen shot)

Save time recording maintenance performed by letting Auto Maintenance Pro automatically populate the maintenance entry for you based on what was due for service for the chosen vehicle.

Improved image interface to include thumbnail viewer and re-designed image viewer for your vehicles.

New electronic document attachment support so you can attach invoices or other documents to maintenance and equipment records for easy access. Numerous document formats are supported such as image files, PDF, spreadsheets, word processor documents, and more.

New warranty monitor that automatically indicates when equipment is under warranty when recording repairs in the event the repair should be warranted.

Improved maintenance selection process when recording maintenance activities so you can more easily identify which services are due.

Improved the interface and functionality of the graphing module.

By popular request, we have added the ability to adjust the font size to all data grids in the application.

Simplified and improved the search feature on all data screens. Search for data in any column simply by “tagging” the column and typing. Or, use the new row filtering capability for multiple column searches.

New cost analysis and operating reports.

When recording fuel entries, we have added numerous fields for recording additional details. We have also made it easier to record fuel transactions directly from the main screen.

Improved vendor database to categorize vendors by type and added numerous fields for recording additional vendor details.

Enhanced the backup utility so you can schedule automated backups.

Streamlined the data entry process of preventive maintenance and repair entries when recording maintenance performed.

Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) has never been simpler!
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