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Fleet maintenance managed from anywhere.

Work orders, inventory, driver inspections, and more.

Fleet Maintenance Software
Anytime, Anywhere

Quick and easy access to fleet details from any location using your smartphone, tablet, or desktop PC!

Task Scheduling

Maintenance, preventive maintenance, repairs, and expirations need tracking in different ways. Stay on top of upcoming services in the short & long term.

Repair Requests

Unexpected repairs are a fact of life. Respond to internal requests and react to unplanned events efficiently.

Manage Work Orders

From start to finish, keep on top of work order status, itemize preventive maintenance, repairs, parts, labor, and more.

Fuel tracking and GPS

Monitor fuel consumption and efficiency by logging transactions, or automatically import from your fuel card provider. Integrate with your GPS system to provide consistent meter updates.

Daily Inspection Checklists

Meet industry standards and DOT requirements by recording daily vehicle inspections. Drivers can complete these on-the-go using their hand-held device.

Inventory Management

Track part quantities on hand, organize by warehouse, and reorder as needed with low stock alerts.

Customized Reporting

Use history to help you make better decisions - extending uptime, minimizing downtime, and improving asset life.

Take control of your fleet maintenance from the office, home, or on the go!

Access Your Data In The Cloud, From Any Device

Effective fleet maintenance requires unrestricted access to information. Your data is safe and secure in the cloud, while easily accessible from the office, the shop, the warehouse, any of your facility locations, or wherever you may be in the world!


Eliminate IT headaches like software installation, data backup and storage, and keeping up-to-date. Synchronize between devices of all kinds with NO compatibility complications – smartphone, tablet, and desktop computer. Apple and Android, Mac and PC, we’ve got you covered!

Effective fleet maintenance means access to your data - any time, anywhere
Automated schedules for recurring tasks

Create Automated Schedules for Recurring Tasks

Relying on stacks of paperwork, spreadsheets, and whiteboard scribbles just won’t cut it. Create automated schedules for recurring tasks, or design a custom task list for assets with unique needs.


Track maintenance intervals by date and meter, with options for primary and secondary meters. No longer will vital PM services fall through the cracks or expiration deadlines slip past.


Manage Repair Requests Efficiently

Part of overall work order management, repair requests ensure that services which arise outside an asset’s regular schedule are addressed swiftly. Control which users have this ability, or even limit permission to repair request only. Keep costs separate for expected versus unexpected services.


Generate Work Orders & Streamline Workflows

From first notification of services due until the job is marked “complete” Maintenance Pro Web is with you every step of the way. Effective resource management is the key to trimming your bottom line. Allocate parts and labor, and watch as the system intuitively learns which parts to apply by default for any given task.


Effective resource management is the key to trimming your bottom line.

Allocate parts and labor, and watch as the system intuitively learns which parts to apply by default for any given task.


GPS Meter Updates

The Enterprise version of MP Web can automatically import meter readings (miles, hours, kilometers) and asset location from your GPS provider on a daily basis. This ensures your meter readings are always up to date and accurate, allowing your preventive maintenance tracking to trigger soon and past due notices appropriately.


Meet Industry Requirements With Daily Inspection Checklists

Inspections can be used to meet government regulations, satisfy safety guidelines, or even as a basic driver checklist to ensure equipment is ready for use at the start of a shift.


Track Inventory Levels & Get Low Stock Alerts

Not having the right parts at the right time contributes to excessive downtime, while overdoing order quantities ties up funds in unused inventory. Inventory management keeps a healthy balance. Set reorder points per part, and watch for notifications when inventory levels dip.


Create Detailed Custom Reports

As you gather data over time, it is essential for you to minimize data overload, reporting only that which you need. Reports are categorized so you can find what you’re looking for, and customizable so that only the fields you choose are included. Filter options allow you to narrow results by location, by date range, or by equipment status. Export to .CSV or .PDF to work with data outside the application, or for import into other systems. Prepare documentation you need for regulatory requirements and audits.


Import and Track Fuel Levels & Transactions

Meter-tracked schedules are only as good as the most current meter data. Keep the entire asset list up-to-date as often as needed, importing fuel transactions and meter readings.


A few quick clicks save time and effort, and ensure that equipment register as due for services when schedule milestones are reached.

Take control of your equipment maintenance from the office, at home, or on the go!

Flexible Access from ANY device!

  • Anytime, anywhere maintenance management.
    Cloud based technology provides instant access from any device including desktop PCs, tablets, and your smartphone.
  • Track maintenance on a fleet of vehicles & equipment
    Notifications of maintenance due, work orders, low inventory, and more ensure that you keep on top of your maintenance.
  • Low upfront cost and no IT involvement.
    Cloud based storage eliminates the need to manage your data and you can rest assured that vital information is safe and secure.

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