Fleet Maintenance Pro 2021 Shop Edition – new features

New “global” search toolbar located on the main menu allows you to search equipment, work orders, inventory, employees, purchase orders and more from a central location. Navigate to the searched item with a single click!

The new Equipment Profile screen provides fingertip access to all equipment specific information including maintenance tasks, work orders, history, images, attachments, common parts, and more.

New KPI (Key Performance Indicators) stats provide an “equipment health” summary. Multiple charts are displayed that summarize service costs, usage, downtime, fuel, and more. Efficiency ratings are also provided to help you determine the equipment’s cost effectiveness over time.

Are you always using the same parts to perform services? Save time using the new Part Kits feature to define a kit containing a group of parts. While entering a work order, select the “kit” and all parts belonging to the kit will be automatically loaded onto your work orders.

Redesigned home screen provides new indicators that make it easier to distinguish between overdue and soon due notifications as well as inventory stock status.

The Home screen now sports new work order and purchase orders status charts. These new charts provide a concise overview of the status of outstanding work orders and purchase orders.

New “overdue” badges on the Home screen immediately draw your attention to work orders or purchase orders that are beyond their due dates.

The main menu screen and quick-actions menu has been restructured and simplified to ensure the items you need most are at your fingertips.

Customize the new quick-access reports menu to contain up to 10 of your favorite reports.

Save data entry time by directly importing PM services and interval settings from other equipment.

A new budgeting feature allows you to define maintenance budgets on a per equipment basis so you can keep a closer eye on costs and be constantly aware of potential overages.

It’s faster! Switching between the various menus and modules is nearly instant regardless of data load. We’ve increased operating performance by more than 70%!

Manage your PM services and last performed data all on one screen! No more navigating to a separate screen to tweak your last performed data.

Enhanced filtering of data on all management screens allow you to filter by predefined date ranges, averaging thresholds, highest, lowest, numeric ranges, and more. For example, with one click, show all work orders where costs are above average compared to all other work orders.

Various interface enhancements to make processes more streamlined resulting in less steps.

New “Home” Screen
New equipment profile screen with key performance indicators
New Part Kits screen
Easily manage renewals/expiry dates, preventive maintenance tasks, and repairs all from the new Equipment Profile
Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) has never been simpler!
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