Fleet Maintenance Pro 2019 New Features for Version 15 Upgraders

Adding data has never been easier. Quick-add buttons are integrated into the side menu for easy access to add equipment, work orders, purchase orders, invoices, employees, and vendors.

Easier equipment selection on work order, repair requests, fuel, general expense, and many more with built in key sensitive search box along with additional equipment information for alternative lookups.

New overlay panel slide outs on all management screens provide quick access to record details. All available actions are at your fingertips directly from the panels. Panels can be activated by clicking a data element within the data table (i.e. work order #) or via the dedicated expander button.

Touch screen friendly interface with taller rows and other target friendly components. Single click (touch) editing and streamlined access to many of the features to minimize double clicking.

New “snapshot” panels provide instant access to the data you need without navigating elsewhere. For example, if you are viewing your parts inventory and need contact info for the part vendor, simply click the Vendor name and a mini “snapshot” panel will display with relevant details for the vendor. Snapshot panels are available for equipment, employees, vendors, parts, and more!

Image thumbnails of your assets can be displayed on management screens for equipment, inventory parts, employees, and are also available on the Dashboard to for easier identification of your assets.

Display of all email addresses are now lined and clickable from any management screen. Clicking on an e-mail address will immediately launch your e-mail client.

We have extensively refined the presentation of data on many of the data management screens by combining similar information so you can further customize columns of data and focus on what data elements are most important to you.

Direct access to Employees and Vendor databases from the side bar menu.

Additional bulk actions have been added on various management screens including equipment for creating work orders, recording repair requests, and more!

A dedicated “Action” row is now in place on most screens in order to make navigating more efficient. Instead of selecting a row and then reaching for the upper toolbar, simply click on the dedicated action button within the row and choose from any action that you would like to perform.

A completely redesigned work order entry screen is better organized and provides direct linking to actions for more efficient data entry.

Additional pre-defined data filters are accessible on most of the management screens so you can instantly filter your data using the most common filter criteria

Create repair requests instantly from your daily inspection check list using the dedicated repair request button built into each row.

Streamlined data and viewing throughout with less clicking, improved focus on what is important, quick viewing of work orders and purchase orders.

Fleet Maintenance Software - Fleet Maintenance Pro home screen
New “Home” Screen
Fleet Maintenance Pro equipment view
New equipment manager with image thumbnails and dedicated actions column.
Fleet Maintenance Pro - work order view
New, more efficient work order entry.
Fleet Maintenance Pro - work order management view
New “snapshot” panels for quick lookups.
Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) has never been simpler!
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