Maintenance Pro 6.0 Professional Edition – New Features

New “Service Calendar” provides a calendar view of service requirements so you can better monitor, prioritize, and generate work orders for your due or upcoming service requirements.

New “high” and “low” maintenance priority identification on the “Equipment Manager” screen so you can easily see which equipment requires immediate attention.

New maintenance due forecasting feature for mileage, hours, and kilometers integrated directly within the new service calendar.

New “Repair Associations” feature so you may now automatically associate parts and labor with common repairs performed on your equipment.

Completely re-designed popup notification window at program startup which now provides greater detail and numerous features so you can better manage new notifications.

Service Calendar
New “Service Calendar”

Assign and scan barcodes for your equipment to more easily issue work orders or perform various other equipment specific functions.

Faster access to equipment histories and various interface enhancements to improve work flow and efficiency.

To save data entry time, you can multi-select equipment and generate scheduled repair requests for all within a single entry.

Multi-select and edit equipment information instead of editing them individually.

Work Orders
“Work Orders”

Keep better track of your work order status by indicating the completion status of the individual maintenance tasks.

Save time by immediately accessing “open” work orders assigned to your equipment directly from the “Equipment Manager” screen.

Easily identify “top priority” work orders on the Work Order Management screen with a new icon designation.

Added more features and flexibly to the batch generation of work orders. Specify particular services to include, common repairs, and more.

New part warranty monitoring automatically alerts you if the same part is replaced on your equipment within the warranty period specified.

More easily generate new PO’s or assign parts to existing PO’s during work order entry.


More easily lookup parts by various criteria on the “Parts Inventory Management”.

Quickly lookup and reference parts that are commonly used on a piece of equipment.

New parts history screen so you can immediately view a usage history for any part.

Easily transfer parts from one location (warehouse) to another.

More easily manage your warehouse names and assignments.

New parts cross referencing and substitution features so you can be offered other part alternatives when stock is low or depleted.

Assign multiple barcodes to a part number so you can associate the same part with various manufacturers.

New physical inventory update screen so you can conveniently update your physical inventory stock levels.


You may now include multiple work orders on a single invoice.

Additional flexibility to invoice non-work order items such as parts, fuel, transport, rental fees, and more.

Enhanced customer database to include additional customer information, customer specific discount rates, and more.

Quickly view invoice and work order history for any customer.

Full control is now provided over tax calculations and shipping charges.

Added several new data fields including two new custom user-definable fields.

E-mail invoices directly to the customer upon generation.


Additional “Status” options and several additional data fields including two new custom user-definable fields.

Additional flexibility to create purchase orders for other items such as fuel, work orders, transport, rentals, or any other type of item.

Full control is now provided over tax calculations and shipping charges.

You may now e-mail the purchase order directly to the vendor upon saving.


Reporting has never been easier. The new “Report Viewer” provides single-click report generation, viewing, and filtering all on one screen.

We have “refreshed” all of the reports. All of our reports have been modernized and now have a new look.

Significantly increased report generation performance and pagination.

Report Viewer
New “Report Viewer”

Significantly increased operating performance of the entire application.

Enhanced PM/Repair association screen to save time making assignments and performing lookups.

Enhanced e-mail assignment and selection for maintenance notification, work orders, purchase orders, invoice, and employee notifications.

Reduce clicks and save time: You may now have multiple windows open at the same time in various areas of the program.

Customize the e-mail subject and body content of work order, purchase order, and invoice e-mail notifications.

Added support for an additional tax calculation within work orders, purchase orders, and invoices.

Added support for SMTP server configuration and authentication for e-mail notifications, which will be especially helpful for customers using terminal services.


Now monitors and logs user activity when adding, editing, and deleting records.

Most data entry screens include a “status” bar to indicate user record activity for the data being viewed.

Enhanced “edit” permission assignments so users may still “view” records within a data entry screen even if they have “edit” restrictions.

Additional security provisions to restrict the ability to change the “status” of work orders, purchase orders, and invoices once created.

Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) has never been simpler!
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